Cocoa Powder

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Amrut International supplies highly safe and tested alkalized cocoa powder suitable for variety of consumable applications. Our cocoa powder is sold under the brand name Mr. Kool. Our cocoa powder is one of the powerful and most applied food ingredients in surplus of food varieties. Amrut International supplies food grade alkalized cocoa powder suitable for industrial applications to different parts of the world.

We sell food components in the brand name Mr. Kool. Our Mr. Kool cocoa powder is specially prepared by adding alkalizing agent to obtain excellent solubility and dilution properties. We also produce black cocoa powder which matches the same color as Oreo biscuits.

In addition, Mr. Kool cocoa powder is available as dark cocoa powder and brown cocoa powder in different colors including light brown, dark brown, dark reddish brown, dark black brown and dark black.

R & D Department in Amrut International

With the assistance of in-house technical features, our R & D team is able to maintain proper standards in testing the compatibility of ingredients. Our R & D team is experienced in bringing out different shades of cocoa powder suitable for making variety of applications.

Properties of Mr. Kool Cocoa Powder

The presence of alkalizing agent in Mr. Kool cocoa powder add more advantage in terms of reducing fat and acidic properties of raw cocoa powder.
Our alkalized cocoa is easier to mix with other food ingredients and different flavors as well.
Mr. Kool cocoa granule can easily be diluted in water or other liquids.
Our cocoa granule gives nice mouth feel and never changes from natural flavor.
The alkaline agents we use helps in neutralizing the acidic effect of natural cocoa extract. This property also helps to react less with baking soda.

Applications of Mr. Kool Cocoa Powder


Our Cocoa powder is a suitable and friendly ingredient for making pastries, cakes, biscuits, icing, cookies, and many more chocolate flavored palatable products. Mr. Kool cocoa granule adds quick essence to the product and easily blends with other ingredients and reduces the acidic influence also.

Dressing for Finished Product
Mr. Kool alkalized cocoa granule can be used as a decorative and additional dressing agent in domestic food preparations like home made chocolates, cakes, salad dressing, etc.


Chocolate Industries
Cocoa is the prime ingredient in chocolate production and Mr. Kool alkalized cocoa stays very effective in preparation of dark chocolates and other cocoa based chocolates. It can be applied as a good alternative for liquid colors in different chocolate recipes.

Candies, Beverages and Chocolate Syrup

Our powder cocoa blends nicely with other hot cocoa ingredients in preparation of chocolate milk shakes and beverages.

Health Benefits of Alkalized Mr. Kool cocoa powder:-

Alkalized cocoa powder under the brand name Mr. Kool is dark in color and it is a health supporting agent that reduces cardiovascular issues
Our cocoa granule is lower in calories when compared to natural cocoa powder and there is little restriction on calories for chocolate lovers to eat chocolates made by adding alkalized cocoa powder.
It is rich in magnesium, iron and zinc
It helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells

Cocoa Powder Packages Supplied by Amrut International

We supply variety of packages option including standard 25kg packaging of Mr. Kool alkalized cocoa powder.