Food Color Powder


Any food item is identified by its color at first. Colorants remain important ingredients in variety of food preparations. Amrut International presents consumable food colors under the brand name of Mr. Kool. We supply multiple choices of synthetic food colors suitable of diversified food preparation aspects for small and large scale food business.

We provide food colors in liquid and powder form which consumers can choose based on the blending compatibility of other ingredients to which food dyes will be added. Our R & D team works on different research to bring out interesting colors by combining different ingredients that are safely consumable.

Mr. Kool Food Colors in Powder Form

Mr. Kool food dyes are also available in granule form, known as food color powder and it has specific properties and can be added in exclusive way than liquid form of food shades. The available colors include orange, saffron yellow, red, green, saffron, grape color extract, etc. Each color from Mr. Kool brand has unique applications. Powder food colors can be added as superb decorating ingredients in cake frosting. It stays a perfect blending agent to be added with sugar and icing sugar. Mr. Kool powder food colorants are compatible in blending in the preparation of cream, paste or gum like food substances. Our powder form food colorants are flexible in blending, and leave the food product unchanged in color.


Food Colors

Mr. Kool food colors are harmless as they are supplied only after proper certification. Every colorant is ensured of or detected for impurities or toxic substance. We supply only certified food colors. Our food colors bear special features than traditional food dyes. Some of the important and attractive merits of Mr. Kool food colors are,

  • Our synthetic dyes are brighter and would stay very effective on food products which may lose its natural shade.
  • We apply latest production techniques to characterize food dyes in a better way.
  • Processes like refrigeration, smoking, storage in bottles, temperature exposure and canning will not affect Mr. Kool’s food shades

List of Food colors in liquid form and their Applications:

Mr Kool brand liquid food colorants are available in the following shades:

Orange and Pink – This liquid food color is suitable to be applied in confectionaries, bakery products, beverages, etc.

Red and Yellow – Suitable in the preparation of ice creams, biscuits, bakery products

Green and Blue – This liquid color for food is applicable in the preparation of candies, ice creams, beverages, etc

Why to choose Mr. Kool Food Colors?

  • Kool food color helps to enhance the existing flavor
  • Our food colors are temperature and moisture resistant and preserves the flavor of food during storage
  • Kool food colors remains unchanged even when the natural food color changes
  • Our food colors are prepared in accordance with the diversified food preparations
  • Our food colors are also applicable for decorative purpose over the finished food product
  • Kool food colors are tested for safety by specialists and they ensure application of colorants.
  • Our color additives are ensures uniformity to the overall food product and add color even to colorless eatables.