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Amrut International offers instant baking powder suitable for bakery products under the brand name of Mr. Kool. The granules used for baking unlimited number of products give out excellent results in terms of keeping the dough bake proportionately.

Instant Baking Powder Ingredients from Amrut International We produce baking powder by applying latest resource of ingredients including sodium bi carbonate, corn starch, tartaric acid, SAPP and SAS.

These ingredients form the main composition for instant baking powder preparation and they are also produced by us. We have experienced R & D team who acknowledge safe and non-toxic ingredients while manufacturing baking powder. We also have formulation for aluminum free baking powder.

Baking Powder
Available pack Size 6×1 kg
4×5 kg
144×100 gm
5 kg
25 kg
We also offer customize packing.

Please take a note that we also offer Customized packing for all products. We can also offer customized ingredients product to accommodate a different pricing structure. Samples are also provided on request on Pickup Basis.