Liquid Glucose


Corn Syrup is also known as Liquid Glucose & Glucose Syrup, Mixture of Dextrose, Tetra & Penta @ higher saccharine. We have Liquid Glucose – 78 / 80 / 81 / 82 / 83 / 84 /85


Industries – Candy, Confectionary, Ice Cream, Jams, Jelly, Chewing Gum, Canned Fruits, Syrup Making, Bakery
Jelly & Jam – Liquid Glucose Prevents Cane Sugar Ingredient from Crystallizing, ensured by Dextrin of the Glucose Syrup.

• Increasing Sweetness of the products by acting as sweetener up to extent.

• Corn Syrup can replace the Cane Sugar up to 20-50%, depend upon the product to be made.

Confectionary – Corn Syrup – Non Crystallizing substance with less sweetness can successfully produce a homogenous and palatable confectionary product.

• Hard candies can be made completely from Liquid Glucose without adding cane sugar.

Ice Cream – It gives homogenous smoother texture with definite advantage of preventing cane sugar crystallization.

Bakery Product – In several product help to keep them in soft condition. Corn Syrup gives body, Bulk & Sweetness to the product.

• Addition of Corn Syrup up to 10% prevents caking & gives better shine in certain application.

• Liquid Glucose is also used to make Chewing gum to impart flavour taste & thickness.

Corn Syrup

Food Grade – Pharma Grade – Industrial Grade
Available pack Size 300 kg Steel or HDPE Drum
30 kg Pail
27 kg Pail
10 kg Pail
We also offer customize packing.

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