Maize Starch

Mr. Kool Maize starch is made from finely extracted endosperm of corn kernel. It is white in color and very fine in texture. It is also known as Corn starch or Modified starch or corn flour. We produce corn flour from hygienically extracted corn endosperm and process it to reach find and smooth texture.

With the help of experienced R & D team, we are able to supply modified maize starch in pregeletanised and dextrinised forms which gives out different properties when blended with other components. Our maize starch is applied in multiple industrial applications including food, pharmaceutical, paper making, etc.

Amrut International is engaged in supplying food ingredients to diversified industries and our products are processed and tested as per FDA norms thus we are able to ensure genuine ingredients with no presence of toxic chemicals. Our Thin boiled starch is safe to use and little amount of starch can yield great results in production.

Packages Available

We provide maize starch from 50kg to 25kg PP bag with LD liner packing. We also have 100gm packages suitable for retail requirement. Apart from that packaging with private labeling customization are also available at Amrut International.